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Putih Ayam Cemani Chicken

6 Chick Minimum for Mail Orders (Mix and match with other breeds)


Currently accepting requests to be on the wait list. NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED. Pay when chicks are available.


In 2021, My Black Ayam Cemani's started hatching a white chick now and then. After some research it appears that if both parent have the recessive white gene, that there is a 1 in 10 chance that they can have a Cemani with all the normal characteristics except they have white feathers. These are called Ayam Cemanis Putih. I isolated my Rooster with each hen individually for several weeks until I identified which Hen had the recessive gene. In 2022, I had 2 Putih Roosters and 8 Hens. I then bred these and confirmed they did breed true. This breeding is still in the early stages, but I am offering a limited amount of chicks. They lay medium sized cream colored eggs, just like their Ayam Cemani parents.

Putih Ayam Cemani Chicken


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