Sebastopol Geese

A breed of domestic goose, descended from the European Greylag goose Sebastopol geese are considered threatened.


Sebastopols cannot fly well due to the curliness of their feathers and have difficulty getting off the ground. As their feathers do not lay flat, their feathers do not insulate them as well as other breeds. Wind easily fluffs their feathers and any heat held by the feather is quickly lost. So, in very cold weather they will spend more time inside than other breeds. Sebastopol geese are known for being friendly and quiet.


On average, females produce 25-35 eggs per year. The incubation period for goose eggs is 30 days.


They are good-natured, excellent foragers, and fatten up easily. 

They feed on grass, greens, fruits, and seeds. They will hunt dandelions out of a patch of grass.

Sebastopol Geese