Mookee Pigeons

The Mookee pigeon is a small to medium-sized breed of fancy pigeon, as result of selective breeding. India is a major player in selective pigeon breeding and the pigeon-loving country is responsible for the Mookee.


Mookee pigeons can be bred in a variety of colors but always rich and lustrous. The main colors are black, dark brown, yellow, blue, silver and totally white. They have very good and gentle temperaments and get along very well in numbers as well as with other pigeon breeds.


The most striking physical trait that sets the Mookee pigeon apart from other breeds is its distinctive head and neck. The neck is curved at a severe angle that gives the breed an almost “S” shape in profile. A thick mane helps to exaggerate this shape.  The pigeon looks like it is wearing a collar with just the crown of the head and forehead being in a much lighter color, usually white.


One of the most interesting characteristics of the Mookee is that when it gets excited it quivers. They are intelligent and inquisitive.


Another trait that makes the Mookee pigeon popular is that they are efficient and prolific breeders.

A Mookee pigeon can nest three or four times a year, usually producing two eggs each time.


The diet of the Mookee pigeon mainly consists of grain and seed.

Mookee Pigeons

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